Friday, January 17, 2014

Common Moving Questions

If you are trying to coordinate your first move your probably feeling a little overwhelmed. You may have already known you wanted or needed to move for a job or just because, but that does not mean it has to be a stressful process. Chances are you have a lot of questions to be answer but that it to be expected. Here are a few questions most commonly asked by others that are in the same situation. 

How much will it cost?
Moving costs can vary depending on how large of a home you have, what services are needed and if you have any special considerations. Some special considerations may include having speciality items like pianos or needing more than one stop during your move. In order to figure out how your professional moving company breaks down costs look on their website or give their office a call. By doing this you can also see what services your moving company offers to it’s client. For the most accurate moving quote request an on-site estimate, this way it is individualized to the items you are moving and the moving services you need. 

Is the moving company licensed? 
Moving companies conducting moves in the state of Minnesota must be registered with the Minnesota department of transport. Companies must also comply with any local ordinances and clearly print state registration numbers on all advertising and business forms. The easiest way to check and see if your chosen moving company is licensed and insured is to look for these registration numbers on their website or ask them on the phone. 

What types of payments are accepted and when is payment due?
Moving companies will typically accept many forms of payment including cash, check, debit or credit card. Payment will be due upon delivery of goods unless prior arrangements have been made. After completion of your move the moving crew will go over billing with you, this is a great time to ask any questions you may have. When in doubt the best way to double check the companies accepted payment forms and when payment is due is by calling their office prior to your moving date. 

When is the best time to move? 
If your able to choose, the best time to move is when it is most convenient to you. Most moving companies are in highest demand during the summer, end of the month or near a holiday. You may chose to schedule your move outside these times because of this. Other factors you may look at when choosing your preferred moving date are whether or not the move must be made immediately, transferring children during the school term, and closing dates. If the move can be scheduled for a time when moving companies are not in high demand you are most likely to receive your preferred moving date.