Friday, December 13, 2013

Requesting a Moving Quote

 Moving can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be! Although there are challenges and obstacles  you will have to overcome it’s all about how you approach the situation. One of the easiest ways to lessen your burden is by planning early. You can start requesting moving quotes way in advance but what do you need to know before making the call? Below is a list of facts you should know about your move and possible questions you might think of asking along the way. 

Where are you moving from and to, 
you’ll at least be asked to give a city or zip code. Even if you still don’t have a new home or storage picked out make sure you know what area your moving to. This way you can receive the most accurate quote possible because this information determines if your area is serviced and what your travel fee may be. 

What type(s) of moving services do you need for your move? Keep in mind if you want packing services, just loading or unloading services, and how large of a distance your moving. The way pricing is calculated there can be variations based on these facts. Moving companies may charge by the hour or mile depending on how far you are moving. Rates may also charge based on the services you’ll be receiving. 

What type of home are you moving into and out of? This may determine how long your move takes based on how accessible the building or home is. Keep in mind if your home is defined as a spilt level, single family, duplex, town home or apartment. It will especially be important to know if your apartment has either elevators or stairs accessible for the movers. 

Do you have any special items? Will you be moving any pianos, pool tables, appliances or grandfathers clocks? Sometimes these items require specialized care and equipment when moved so it’s important that your moving company is aware. Also, this is a good time to let your moving company know of any items that may be special to you or that your concerned about. This way special attention can be given to these pieces. 

When receiving your quote ask your company how they charge, is it by the hour? Also, what are they’re rates if they do charge by the hour. Along with a hourly charge see if your company charges a travel fee or fuel surcharge. Finally, make sure to ask if your company is licensed and insured, if your wary make them prove it! You can also go online and check out reviews for the company this way you will have full confidence in your choice of a moving company.