Friday, November 1, 2013

Quick Moving Tips!

Within the state of Minnesota we are not legally allowed to move the following: 
    Combustible products
  •   Flammable products
  •   Plants or soil
  •   Pets
  •   Aerosols
  •   Any Illegal products

   Moving Suggestions:
  • The earlier the better: you want to be organized before the arrival of your moving crew
  • Stay in contact: make sure you have a way to stay in contact, for example cell phone numbers, with your moving crew in case a problem should arise or you get separated
  • Lighten your load: donate or sell your unwanted items ultimately saving you packing and loading time
  • Change of address: inform your post office to have mail forwarded
  • Separate personal belongings: gather all your irreplaceable items such as jewelry, cash, family photos, birth certificate, credit cards, legal documents, ect. that should be kept extra secure
  • Once you know where your new home is located it’s never to early to find shopping malls, post office, school, police department, and restaurants
  • Moving can be a stress time, make sure to leave some personal relation time so you can recharge
  • Make a final walk through with your moving team to make sure that nothing is left behind

   Packing Suggestions:
  • Over packing moving boxes can increase damage to your personal belongings, remember the heavier the item the smaller the box
  • To insure complete organization make sure to label both the top and sides of all moving boxes
  • Seal moving boxes with packing tape, interlocking box tops can lead to damaged goods
  • Create a “Open First” box of items you will need immediately at your new home
  • Use safe packing techniques such as packing over a soft surface to minimize the chance of breakage to your possessions
  • Due to the ink on newsprint, lamp shades and china should be packed in packing paper without ink to insure that these items will not be stained
  • Delicate items should be packaged with extra cushion and clearly labeled “FRAGILE” so they will not be damaged in your moving process


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