Thursday, November 21, 2013

Preventing Common Causes of Moving Stress

Finding a Home

Finding your perfect home regardless if this an apartment or house, across the city or country it can be a stress full process. It’s important to recognize your stress early so your less likely to settle for a home that you don’t truly love. Plan in advance so you don’t have to make a rushed decision, start looking at new homes as soon as you know you want or need to move. Do some walk throughs and figure out what your must haves and have nots are.  This narrows down your search to homes that fit your criteria. If you still can’t find a new home your in love with there’s always plan b - moving into storage or temporary housing until you find that home. '

Choosing a Mover

This is a huge decision when moving but it’s key you feel confident in your choice so start getting referrals and doing research early. First start out by finding reputable companies that are licensed, insured and have a great record. Once you’ve picked out your top companies the best way to compare them is by getting an on-site estimate. This allows you to compare apples to apples when looking at moving costs, packing services, and just the company in general. You can take advantage of this meeting and talk with companies about promotions they may be running like use of boxes for free with your move. 

Packing & Unpacking 

If packing yourself, the earlier you start packing the less likely you are to feel stressed. This also makes the task of packing your entire home less daunting when it’s done in hour sessions each night or on the weekends rather than a panic the night before your move. You can also use this extra time to get rid of things you don’t need and possibly make some extra cash with a garage sale if wanted. When unpacking keep in mind you don’t need to stress yourself and get it done the same day. Start with the rooms you use most like the kitchen, your bedroom and bathroom. Setting up your new home should be a fun event not a stressful one!

 The Little Things Add Up 

When moving there are some things you don’t think of at first when starting to plan your move like changing your address or transferring utilities and doctors. Making a check list of these little things can help keep you organized when it comes to move day. You can also plan ahead and get one thing checked off your list every weekend that way there’s not additional stress after your move. 

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful, make sure to keep this in mind! One of the keys to a successful move is planning ahead so make a plan that works with your schedule and keep to it. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed take some self-health time and do something you enjoy like a hot bath, exercising or watching a movie. It’s better to take an hour for yourself so your move goes smoothly. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Quick Moving Tips!

Within the state of Minnesota we are not legally allowed to move the following: 
    Combustible products
  •   Flammable products
  •   Plants or soil
  •   Pets
  •   Aerosols
  •   Any Illegal products

   Moving Suggestions:
  • The earlier the better: you want to be organized before the arrival of your moving crew
  • Stay in contact: make sure you have a way to stay in contact, for example cell phone numbers, with your moving crew in case a problem should arise or you get separated
  • Lighten your load: donate or sell your unwanted items ultimately saving you packing and loading time
  • Change of address: inform your post office to have mail forwarded
  • Separate personal belongings: gather all your irreplaceable items such as jewelry, cash, family photos, birth certificate, credit cards, legal documents, ect. that should be kept extra secure
  • Once you know where your new home is located it’s never to early to find shopping malls, post office, school, police department, and restaurants
  • Moving can be a stress time, make sure to leave some personal relation time so you can recharge
  • Make a final walk through with your moving team to make sure that nothing is left behind

   Packing Suggestions:
  • Over packing moving boxes can increase damage to your personal belongings, remember the heavier the item the smaller the box
  • To insure complete organization make sure to label both the top and sides of all moving boxes
  • Seal moving boxes with packing tape, interlocking box tops can lead to damaged goods
  • Create a “Open First” box of items you will need immediately at your new home
  • Use safe packing techniques such as packing over a soft surface to minimize the chance of breakage to your possessions
  • Due to the ink on newsprint, lamp shades and china should be packed in packing paper without ink to insure that these items will not be stained
  • Delicate items should be packaged with extra cushion and clearly labeled “FRAGILE” so they will not be damaged in your moving process