Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Speciality Items - Moving Your Appliances

When moving there a few appliances that require some special attention. Certain appliances can take more than one day to prepare so planning ahead is key. By planning ahead you will decrease your stress on move day too which is another plus! We know it can be overwhelming so we’ve put together these simple moving tips to help.  
Refrigerators - Seems trivial but make a plan for your food during the move, are you going to slowly use it strategically before move day or are you planning on using coolers for transport? After taking all your items out, especially in the summer heat, your fridge may have an odor. To tackle this problem try leaving an opened box of baking soda inside to absorb the smell. Lastly but most importantly your refrigerator needs to be turned off about 48 hours prior to your move. When doing so you may want to either remove or secure any shelving or attachments that could be damaged in the move. 
Freezer - Preparing a freezer for move day can take hours or days depending on it’s condition and size. If you have frost and/or ice build up it can take time to defrost so make sure to allow for enough time for it to defrost completely. Again, like with your refrigerator, you’ll need to make a plan for your frozen goods. 
Dishwasher -  Your dishwater may require professional help to disconnect unless you have experience. If you do know how to disconnect a dishwasher here’s a final check for you. Make sure the water valve, inlet line, and hose are all disconnected. Also, the dishwasher needs time to dry out before moving it, if possible leave the dishwasher door open for a full day before your move day to allow for this.
Dryer & Washing Machine - These appliances are yet again some that you may want a professional to handle, especially if your dryer is gas. Even if you do have a professional disconnect here are some things to double check on moving day. Make sure the power cords are disconnected and taped to the appliance, check that your washing machine is water free and make sure the drum is secured. 
Oven - The amount preparation required for your oven really depends if it is electric or gas powered. If you have an electric oven make sure it is disconnected from it’s outlet and the cord is tape to the appliance. If you have a gas powered oven it may require the professional help of a third-party service. Your moving company may even be able to recommend a third party service to take care of it for you. Whichever power source your oven uses you’ll want to make sure to remove and pack any attachments such as burners or shelves inside the oven before move day. 

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