Friday, August 23, 2013

Budgeting Your Move

Moving can be both a daunting and exciting process. One of the driving factors that can affect your move greatly is the financial budget you’ve set aside for your moving process. Depending on the individual this amount can differ greatly. One of the best starting points is researching your local moving companies. Don’t just look for the cheapest movers around but also their ratings and reviews from past customers. I’d rather spend a little extra money and know i’m getting quality movers to move my possessions. 

The next idea that comes into play when creating a budget is taking a look at what you really have to move. What types of items do you have? Is there a lot of large furniture or boxes? Do you have any specialty items like a piano or grandfathers clock? Keeping these questions in mind  will help you form a realistic idea of what it will take to move and how much you should start saving. Now if you want an accurate quote or ballpark it is most beneficial to complete an on-site estimate with the movers of your choice. This will give you a professional movers opinion of the cost of your move because there are some things individuals do not think about for example the number of stairs in your home, how sharp of corners within your home or elevator wait time in your apartment. 

If you’d like to help your budget theirs always ways to prepare for your move that save time and ultimately money, below are just a few ideas to get you started. You can cut down the amount of items to be moved by having a moving sale or posting your unwanted items on Craigslist. This will also give you some extra cash for your moving process. If you have time you can start weeks in advance packing up items yourself that way there ready for move day. When you’ve got your new home start bringing over small items or even boxes every time you visit so there is less to move on move day. You can also place boxes and small items in the garage closest to where your moving truck will be parked that way they have a shorter distance to be moved. These are just some money saving tips for your move day! 

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