Wednesday, July 3, 2013

To Move or Not to Move? Here's some things to Consider!

Everyone has different and unique reasoning for moving, for example some people move to be closer to family, find a job, or make a new start for themselves. Reasons like those listed before might be considered a necessity but other may find it a choice to move or not. Either way you look at it there is a major change in your everyday route and way of living. Below are some things that can impact your moving decision and are great things to consider for you and your family

1) Raising a Family - You may want to consider the age of your children when planning your move. How will transferring to a new school affect them? Will they still be close to their friends? You also want to consider the area your moving to, is it family friendly? Are their children in your community? 

2) Daily Living - it’s true that some communities are more expensive to live in. What type of a lifestyle do you live and can your new community provide you with it? This can be affect by the type of job you have and home affordability. Another aspect to consider is your own emotions because saying good bye to your community, home friends and family within can be difficult. 

3) Selling and Buying - Buying and Selling a home can be an exciting and scary time, you have to make sure your prepared for both. Make sure you also anticipate the costs of this process as well, some that can be forgotten are realtor fees and closing costs. If your moving to another state you really need to take a close look at these fee because they can be different. 

4) Your Career - Having job opportunities in your new community is a large factor that can influence your choice to move. Will your job transfer you to a new location? Do you already have a job in your new community? When looking at a new company or career choice you may start at a lower wage. 

There are plenty of other driving forcing when considering moving, what are yours? Make sure to look at every aspect of your life before making a large move! 

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