Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tips for Your Apartment Move In Day!

When the property manager from your new apartment building hands over your new keys you get both a spike of excitement and a sign of relief. Excitement for the new adventures that await you in your new home and relief that your search is over!  Now to keep this feeling going and to have a smooth move in day you’ll want to read through our tips below. By taking these tips into consideration you can keep your move day stress free. 

1. Are you living on the gound floor of your apartment? If not, you’ll want to contact your property manager again. Most apartment bulidings allow one elevator to be blocked off for your moving company. This will ultimately save you time and money if your moving company charges by the hour. 

2. Does you apartment building have a parking area for the moving truck? If not, you can contact your cities general office and request a permit for hooding parking meters or a obstruction permit. This allows the moving trucks to park on the street or at a parking meter. This will again ultimately same you time and money because the movers will have a shorter distance to carry your belongings. 

3. Point your moves in the right direction, have them place the items in the appropriate rooms. This will save you a lot of time unpacking in the long run because everything will be in the correct space. All you’ll have to do is open a box and start placing the items. This will also save your back because you won’t have to try and lift so many heavy boxes. 

4. Coordinate all your insulation appointments for move in day or the day after. This will get all the hassle done in one or two days so you can enjoy your new home. This will also save you from procrastinating hooking up all your electronics or appliances.  Sometimes your moving company will have relationships already formed with installers all you have to do is ask when setting up your move. 

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