Friday, March 15, 2013

Reading Your Moving Estimate

Have you received an on-site estimate from your moving company? If not, this is the place to start! Anyone can tell you a range over the phone but having a representative come to your home gives you a realistic idea of what your move will actually cost! Next, you should receive a copy of your estimate via e-mail so you can look it over. The tips and questions below will help you decipher your estimate! 
If your move is local, within the state, you will first want to look at the amount of movers and trucks stated on your estimate. Are these amounts the same amounts that you discussed with the representative? If yes than you can continue looking over the estimate, if not than this is one item to question. 
The next item to look at is the amount of estimated time to complete your move and the hourly rate. Just don’t settle for the company that estimates the lowest amount of time! Legally, you as the customer have to pay for the amount of time the crew spends on your move. This means even if the estimate says it’ll take 5 hours you have to pay even if it takes 8 therefore this is worth looking at. Another item to consider when looking at this are reviews. What are other people saying about this company? If they have great reviews it might be worth paying an extra five dollars an hour. 
After looking at estimated time and rate take a look at your travel time. What do this even mean? Your travel time or trip charge is the amount of time to get the crew out to your home and back to their shop after your move. It’s like a delivery and pick up charge for your moving professionals. Another question to ask is if your moving company charges a fuel surcharge on top of the trip charge? This is a fee for the fuel used on your move. It’s an extra fee you might like to know about. 


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  3. If your move is local within the state then estimated time will be of one day for moving but if the move is out of state then the time must be decided according to the distance and the cost also varies. Discussing all the estimates with long distance movers is essential before making a move.

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