Friday, February 15, 2013

Utility Costs in a New Home

So your interested in buying a new home, do you know what the utilities are going to cost each month? Some of these small details like gas, electric, or water can be over looked when setting up your new monthly budget. This could be the deal breaker when looking at a home. 

Ask your realtor for the utility bills if your serious in buying a particular home. It’s a good idea to not only look at only the last month but also the past 12 months. This way you get an idea of the utility bills across all seasons. The selling realtor of the home can be contacted by your realtor to get this information. If this information isn’t given to you by the realtor you may also try contacting the current utility providers. They might be able to give you a ball park of the utility costs for that home. 

Look for clues of the energy efficiency in the home. Does the home have cathedral ceilings? This can draw conditioned air up from the areas you want it to be. Other things to look for are older water-chugging plumbing fixtures, spas, complex landscaping that requires a lot of watering, and single-pane windows. These are all small details to take into account when figuring the utility bills. 

If you are head over heels for a home with high utility bills you still have a chance to lower your bills if you have a budget that allows for improvements. Install ceiling fans to help direct heated and cooled air. Select lightbulbs and fixtures that are energy efficient/energy savers. Make sure the home is insulted well and choose new windows that have double panes. Also spend some time looking at your landscaping, smart drip irrigation systems can cut down the costs of water. 

Before you move into your new home take the time to look at all aspects of the home including utility bills. You’ll avoid any surprises and have the opportunity to fix inefficiencies ahead of time. 

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