Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moving Your Office

Is this the first time you have to move your office? Well have no fear it’s easy when you follow the tips explained below. Moving day is always a stressful event but preparing in advance can help you feel relief. Plus as soon as you pick your move date you can start packing and labeling boxes slowly so it’s not such a burden in the future. This way you can keep your employees working successfully instead of closing down for a day to pack and prepare. 

Once you know your moving and you have the date set it’s nice to let your client’s know in advance. Make sure to put it on your website, make signs for the office, and maybe even mention it on the phone. It wouldn’t be good if a client showed up at your old office, who knows how many potential clients you could lose just because they weren’t notified. It’s also important to change your billing address. You wouldn’t want important mail going to someone else, they might just throw it away. 

For office moves it’s important to research for a reliable moving company ahead of time. You should request a on-site estimate that way you get a realistic idea of what it will cost and how to prepare for the big move. Hedberg Moving Solutions even offers a packing demonstration that explain how to pack your office boxes for free before your move. This way you know how to pack certain items and make sure your items are not damaged. 

Now with all your preparation your move day will be easy! The movers will even put your employees boxes, desks, and items in their office so that all they have to do is unpack. This will save you downtime, you could even choose to move on a weekend that way no business days are wasted. Your employees will leave for the weekend on Friday and show up at the new office Monday to continue their work as usual. 

Whatever the reason for your office relocation – the need of a bigger space, moving the business to another town, finding a less expensive alternative when renting a place, etc., try to save yourself the troubles and let a professional take care of your move. By doing this you can stay focused on activities that you heave to do instead. 


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