Friday, December 28, 2012

Tips for Packing Yourself!

1. Plan your packing. Pack items that you don’t use often first, this way you can start packing early and still get on with your daily routine 

2. Don’t underestimate the amount of work it takes to pack your belongings, you never realize how much you own until you try to move it. 

3. It is illegal for moving companies to move flammable items such as aerosols, fuels, or toxins. Other opinions including throwing these items away properly or keep them in a separate box you can move in your own vehicle. 

4. Provide a good cushion for items packed by putting the most packing paper on the top and bottom of the cartons 

5. Clearly label boxes “fragile” on boxes that contain breakable items, also label the outside of the carton with the contents of the boxes. This will make unpacking easier! 

6. Think twice about using old newspaper to pack your items. This may be okay for some items but keep in mind the ink can rub off onto your possessions. 

7. Create a “open first” box for the items you use most, this way you can get back to your daily routine with ease. Some essential items you may want to include are cooking utensils or toiletries. 

8. Double check if your items are packed tightly by seeing if the carton makes any noise, for example rattling. This may be a clue that the contents are packed too loose and run the risk of being damaged in transit. A quick fix for this is placing other items such as linens, blankets, or more packing paper to fill the empty space and provide extra cushion. 

9. Hedberg Moving Solutions has all the packing materials you need to properly pack your belongings. Ask your Hedberg Moving Solutions agent for suggestions regarding the quantity and types of cartons you will need. 


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