Friday, December 21, 2012

Reviewing Your Mover

Choosing a moving company is the biggest decisions to make during a move. You may be thinking what should I be looking for in a moving company? What questions do I ask? Thankfully technology can answer these questions in just a few clicks! The internet allows you to read others experiences with your mover before hiring them. Websites like Angie’s List or Google Review are wonderful places to visit when looking for reviews. 

Questions you might want to consider when reading reviews or writing your own review:

Approximate date/month and location of move Was it a long distance move? local move? summer move? winter move?Look for similarities between your move and the individuals writing reviews. This way you can compare your move with their so you can get an idea of what the except. Another item you might like to add is the type of move you had and the services included. Was it a household move? commercial move? did you use the companies packing service?  

Impressions of the staff Were they courteous and helpful? Gruff but effective? Totally rude? did they follow through on special requests, answer questions thoroughly, and pay attention to detail? If you had any negative concerns, how were they addressed? Did they make the effort to pad your items or protect your flooring?

Punctuality Were they on time for all appointments including the estimate, moving day, and delivery? Did they give you a reminder call? How did they handle delays beyond their control, like traffic or inclement weather? 

The overall completed job Did they get the job done in a satisfactory manner? Would you use them again or recommend them to a friend? Were you satisfied with the services you received? 

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