Monday, December 3, 2012

Packing your Computer

Packing can be a daunting task but let use take some of that stress of your shoulders with a little packing advice. Computers and printers are expensive items in your home that are not easily replaceable without making a dent in your wallet.  The follow are some suggestions to avoid damage to your devices while packing and during your move. 

Protect your DataThere are important files and programs on your computer that need to be backed up before moving anything. You can backup your information on a CD or flash drive. Once you back up your programs and files store the memory device with the original program install disks. This will insure that you can set up your files and programs with ease in your new home. Lastly before moving anything make sure all disks, floppy disettes, and flash drives are removed from the computer and printer. 

Disconnect First shut down your computer fully and unplug all cords from outlets. If possible it is a good idea to roll up and rubber band all cords. If needed, you can place a piece of masking tape on each cord making note of where it plugs into. Place all the cords in a zip block bag or a box that is clearly labeled, you might also want to put your mouse and keyboard in this box as well. Next disconnect your printer, removing all cables and ink cartridges from the device. 

Packing Your Computer 
If you still have the original box for both your computer and printer this will be the best box  choose for moving. The original Styrofoam was made to securely keep the device in pack so no damage will occur. If you don’t have the original packaging their are special moving boxes that can be purchased through your local box supplier or some moving companies. 

Packing Your Monitor and Tower 
Computer monitors can be easily cracked or scratched when bumped  therefore it is important to correctly pack this item. If possible use the original packaging that the monitor came in. If not, pack your monitor in an appropriately sized boxes with bubble wrap. This will protect your monitor from moving within the box while moving. Make sure that the computer tower or desktop unit is packed upright or on it’s side with the motherboard lying flat on the bottom. If you are unsure check the computer’s manual as to what side this might be for your computer. The original packaging is yet again the best packing option but if not available get an appropriately sized box and an insulation like bubble wrap.


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