Thursday, December 6, 2012

Going Away Party?

Moving doesn’t have to be all about stress, take some time to bid farewell in style! Before you leave your home don’t miss the opportunity to relieve some stress and see your friends and family. Here are some going away party ideas to say farewell to your loved one and  hello to new beginnings. Invitations can be a perfect way to personalize your going away party. Printing companies offer the opportunity for clients to design their own cards. Otherwise you can get in touch with your creativity side and make your cards by hand. You could personalize this invite to each guest with a picture from a special memory you had. If your in a time crunch their is always the option of a evite over Facebook or another social media website. Having a photo booth at your going away party will allow you to capture the moment. Guests can take pictures and leave them for you as a keepsake for your new home. You could place all the photos in a scrap book and allow friends and family to  write a message by it. This could also serve as your good-bye book where friends or families can write encouraging messages or tips for your new home! If the going away party is for an individual at your office consider bringing them a going away gift. Custom pens or stick notes are easy gifts they’ll actually be able to use at their new job. Another idea is getting them a gift card to their favorite lunch stop, this could be a convenient gift as they are transitioning into their new role. If someone you know is moving around a holiday consider giving them a seasonally themed gift. For example candy canes, hot chocolate mug, coffee mugs are inexpensive way to send some holiday cheer during their office move

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