Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 4 Ways to get Rid of Unwanted Items

When thinking about packing and moving all your things, you probably feel overwhelmed. When your in the process of planning your move you may be dreading the number of things that have to be put into boxes.  Instead of seeing your time and energy wasted, try some of these potential money makers. The things you don't necessary like anymore may be a treasure to someone else.

#1 Sell your items online 
This is the easiest and most efficient way to get rid of your unwanted items and you make some extra money. Some people are overwhelmed at the number of places you can sell your items online but here’s my suggestion, Craigslist. It’s as easy as putting a picture of your item and an e-mail or phone number to be contacted at. This way you just sit back and relax as individuals contact you while making some extra cash! 

#2 Have a Garage Sale 
If you can make some money by selling your items instead of just throwing them in the garage, you should. Have a garage sale can be more time consuming than selling your items online but it can be a lot of fun. If you ask neighbors and family members to join in this task can be less daunting and create more traffic to your sale. Organize the items you will be selling, tag them, make signs to attract a crowd, and finally sit back and watch the extra cash stack up. This can be a great activity to get the whole family involved in getting rid of their unwanted items cluttering up under beds and in closets. 

#3 Donate your items 
If you don’t want to sell your items online or go through a garage sale you might want to think about donating items to a non-profit organization of your choosing. There are many people who need your items but can’t afford them so why not give your items to a worthy cause? Plus this will save your time and energy if you do not want to answer inquires about items or organize an event like a garage sale. The first step in donating your items may be checking out your organizations website or contacting them to see what the guidelines for donating are

#4 Recycling items that can not be sold or donated 
There are always some items in your possession that don’t seem to sell or can’t be donated and now you have to ask yourself what do I do with it? You can always throw it in the trash but what about the accumulation of garage? Green is the new black. It’s always a good idea to check if your items can be recycled and how. For example computers, paint, and batteries might be some items you question before throwing away. If you just throw these items in the trash they can damage the environment or cause health-related illnesses in landfill areas. So before you just throw items in the trash find out if it can be recycled first! 


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