Monday, October 1, 2012

Moving Expenses to Plan For

Moving is a hectic time that can cause you to overlook small expenses. Planning and preparation are key to a successful move. Here are some expenses that are widely overlooked but  are very important to a successful move.  

Storage: In some cases storage is needed for a move, this fee is per month the items are held . Factoring in the cost per month storage is needed for your possessions is easily overlooked when adding up moving cost. 

Boxes/Packing Materials: If you plan ahead you can search for bargains or ask your moving company for the use of boxes but when you run out last minute they are expensive at local retail stores. 

Changing Addresses: Many utility providers charge a fee to transfer your information and service to a new address.  Another fee to watch for is a early cancellation/disconnection fee if you are under a contract term with the provider. 

Household Items: It’s inevitable, you can not move into a new home and remember to bring everything you need. For example light bulbs, hangers, or cleaning supplies could be items you have to buy once your moved in. Although these items sound inexpensive, they add up fast! 

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