Monday, August 6, 2012

Want Free Twins Tickets? Show your Support and Win!

"Like" us, Hedberg Moving Solutions, on facebook and have your name entered for Home Plate Box Twins Tickets! 

How do I Find Hedberg Moving Solutions on Facebook?
1. Go to our website 
2. Scroll to the bottom of our home page 
3. Click on the Facebook link 
    - (dark blue icon, left hand side of bottom center) 
4. Log in and Click "Like" next to our name! 

After you've Clicked like your finish and entered into our Drawing! 

Want to DOUBLE your Chances of winning? 
1. Visit our website 
2. Look around and decide if you like or have a suggestion about our new website
3. Click on any "Get a Quote" or "Get a Free Estimate" button 
4. Leave us your name and thoughts/suggestions and have your name entered in Again! 

Drawing will be held on August 17th! Twins Game is held on August 28th, 7:10pm at Target Field! 

Here's an idea, Make a deal to split the tickets with a friend or family, you'll bring them if you win and vice versus, almost tripling your chances with every friend or family member you tell!  

There's only 10 more days until we draw a luck winners name! 

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