Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Organize a Garage Sale!

Feeling cluttered after the winter season? Well we’ve got the answer to your problem, get rid of the clutter and make money too with a garage sale!

Moving Yard SaleFirst thing you may be asking yourself is: “How do I decide what the sell?” One great way to decide is by looking at each item and asking yourself, “Have I worn, used, displayed or even seen this within the last year?” If the answer is No then consider adding it to the Sell pile.

Challenge your family to contribute to the garage sale, this is a easy way for them to make a profit and voluntary clean the house without realizing it. Children will be more willing to give up outgrown toys and clothes if the deal is sweetened with a cut of the profits. This is also a great way for wives to get their husband to clean out their “man cave” that they don’t dare enter!

Consider asking your neighbors to join in on the garage sale, two heads are better than one. Another buddy may be able to make the decision bewteen keep or sell easier and less painstaking. Plus a two or three family yard sale will get twice as much traffic with less hassle.

Be firm on your decisions, once an item is in the garage sale inventory don’t take it out because of seller’s remorse. A easy way to avoid this is by grouping items into boxes that you can’t not easily see through until you display them the day of the sale.

Do your homework! Take the time to read garage sale ads in your local newspaper or take the time to visit a local garage sale so you can note a price range on items similar to yours. There’s no sense in labeling a item if your price is the same or higher then the local hardware store or Target.

Finally, Plan Ahead! Strategically pick a day early in the month, right after a payday
this way potential customers have extra spending money. Know what is going on in your community, you don’t want to plan your garage sale on the same day as a county fair or graduation that could cut down the traffic at your sale!

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