Friday, August 24, 2012

Never Refuse to Reuse!

Just finish unpacking? Do you have a bunch of moving boxes? Don't just throw them away; reduce, reuse and recycle! We believe green is the new black! As a company we provide boxes to our clients free of charge, this way we can pass on the savings to other clients and recycle our moving boxes! If you just starting to plan your move make sure to check out our website to answer any of your moving questions and request a Free Estimate! 

Creative Ways to Reuse your Moving Boxes: 

1) Weed Blocker: You can either use your old moving boxes to store the weeds as you pull them out or place a small portion of a moving box over the weeds with a rock or stick placed on top. This will eliminate the weed from getting sunlight and ultimately kill it without the use of harmful chemicals. 

2) Garage Floor Protection:  This is very convenient when working on cars, card board will absorb any oil or antifreeze that might leek when tuning up your vehicle. Another added bonus is cutting your clean up time down when using this slick little trick. 

3) Afternoon of fun for the kids: When children are young the best part of getting a gift is the box! Take all the moving boxes laying around your house and let the kids get creative. You could make art projects or build a giant fortress. 

4) Pass on the Savings: if you know of any friends or relatives moving give them all your used moving boxes. If you don’t know anyone close to you moving try posting on your Facebook or making a Craigslist ad so your moving boxes don’t go to waste.

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