Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Moving with Man's Best Friend

Before You Move
If your moving to a new state contact the State Veterinarian’s Office to request pet laws and
regulations. Special permit may be required if you have any exotic animals such as a wolf, monkey, or large cats. Next contact the City’s office in our new community for local pet regulations; these may include a leash law or limiting the number of pets in a household. Once you are sure your pet will be allowed in your new community request health records from your veterinarian so they can easily be transferred to your new one.

Travel by Air

  • Confirm that your airline allow pets 
  • When you book your flight let the airline know if your pet will be traveling in the cabin with you, if allowed, or as freight 
  • Photo of your pet handy
  • Purchase a carrier that meets International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements: most airlines have these available for purchase per your request 
  • Make sure the carrier is comfortable for your pet: large enough for the pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down
  • Avoid flights that have layovers if possible, this will reduce the stress of your animal 

Travel by Car

  • If your pet is not used to car rides, help them adapt by taking them on frequent short rides until your move date
  • Try not the leave your pet in the car alone but if you have to leave the windows slightly cracked, lock the doors, and keep your vehicle within eye sight to insure the pet is not stolen 
  • Do not feed or water your pet a few hours before you leave this way you can get on the road without stopping
  • Remove water and food dishes from small animal cages to avoid spills while on the road

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