Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Combining Two Households

Moving in with a significant other? Getting a roommate? Merging two separate household can be a daunting task but here are 3 simple recommendations to make it easier. 

1) Plan Ahead: Make a schedule in advance to take your home room by room one day at a time. Make sure to inventory and clean everything in your home, then compare your list with your new roommate or significant other’s so you will not have duplicates. Make a list or mark the items that are duplicates so you can sell or donate them. This way when you move in it will decrease potential clutter the new home.
2) Divide Up the Work: It’s hard work keeping up a home and you don’t want to be suck doing all the cleaning or cooking so divide the chores up. Together discuss the chores that you like doing the best, then divide up the work accordingly. This will decrease potential tension and keep the new home fully functioning.  
3) Put Together a Finance Plan: Bills can cause a lot of stress, but putting together a plan for  rent, groceries and utilities. Some options you have are setting up a joint account for expenses or merge your finances completely. 

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