Friday, August 24, 2012

Never Refuse to Reuse!

Just finish unpacking? Do you have a bunch of moving boxes? Don't just throw them away; reduce, reuse and recycle! We believe green is the new black! As a company we provide boxes to our clients free of charge, this way we can pass on the savings to other clients and recycle our moving boxes! If you just starting to plan your move make sure to check out our website to answer any of your moving questions and request a Free Estimate! 

Creative Ways to Reuse your Moving Boxes: 

1) Weed Blocker: You can either use your old moving boxes to store the weeds as you pull them out or place a small portion of a moving box over the weeds with a rock or stick placed on top. This will eliminate the weed from getting sunlight and ultimately kill it without the use of harmful chemicals. 

2) Garage Floor Protection:  This is very convenient when working on cars, card board will absorb any oil or antifreeze that might leek when tuning up your vehicle. Another added bonus is cutting your clean up time down when using this slick little trick. 

3) Afternoon of fun for the kids: When children are young the best part of getting a gift is the box! Take all the moving boxes laying around your house and let the kids get creative. You could make art projects or build a giant fortress. 

4) Pass on the Savings: if you know of any friends or relatives moving give them all your used moving boxes. If you don’t know anyone close to you moving try posting on your Facebook or making a Craigslist ad so your moving boxes don’t go to waste.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Last Chance to Win Twins Tickets!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Protecting your Flooring on Move Day

Your move day is filled with a lot of running in and out of your new home and you want to make sure to protect your floors from dirt, scuffs, and scratches. 
Protect your carpet with carpet mask; this is a material similar to Saran-wrap that puts a layer between the bottom of your shoe and new carpeting. Most moving companies will lay this carpet protection as they prep your new home. If you are moving yourself you can purchase this online or check local stores. Commonly carpet mask will come in rolls as small as 24’’ x 50’ up to 48’’ x 500’ with a range of prices from $9.99 to $99.99. A cheaper alternative if you are moving yourself is using shoe booties. These are cheap paper-like wraps that cover the top and bottom of your shoes. 
Wood Flooring
Floor runners are used by moving companies to protect your wood flooring. This will make a path from room to room where traffic throughout the day can travel. As I said before most moving companies will automatically lay this while prepping your new home. If you are moving yourself floor runners can be priced online or at packaging supply stores that may be located around your community. Another cheaper option if you are moving yourself is using old rugs that you make have laying around or in storage. These will help to prevent scratches but you must make sure granolas do not get underneath them. If they do they can scratch your floors because they are not adhered to the wood surface like floor runners.

Combining Two Households

Moving in with a significant other? Getting a roommate? Merging two separate household can be a daunting task but here are 3 simple recommendations to make it easier. 

1) Plan Ahead: Make a schedule in advance to take your home room by room one day at a time. Make sure to inventory and clean everything in your home, then compare your list with your new roommate or significant other’s so you will not have duplicates. Make a list or mark the items that are duplicates so you can sell or donate them. This way when you move in it will decrease potential clutter the new home.
2) Divide Up the Work: It’s hard work keeping up a home and you don’t want to be suck doing all the cleaning or cooking so divide the chores up. Together discuss the chores that you like doing the best, then divide up the work accordingly. This will decrease potential tension and keep the new home fully functioning.  
3) Put Together a Finance Plan: Bills can cause a lot of stress, but putting together a plan for  rent, groceries and utilities. Some options you have are setting up a joint account for expenses or merge your finances completely. 

Moving with Man's Best Friend

Before You Move
If your moving to a new state contact the State Veterinarian’s Office to request pet laws and
regulations. Special permit may be required if you have any exotic animals such as a wolf, monkey, or large cats. Next contact the City’s office in our new community for local pet regulations; these may include a leash law or limiting the number of pets in a household. Once you are sure your pet will be allowed in your new community request health records from your veterinarian so they can easily be transferred to your new one.

Travel by Air

  • Confirm that your airline allow pets 
  • When you book your flight let the airline know if your pet will be traveling in the cabin with you, if allowed, or as freight 
  • Photo of your pet handy
  • Purchase a carrier that meets International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements: most airlines have these available for purchase per your request 
  • Make sure the carrier is comfortable for your pet: large enough for the pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down
  • Avoid flights that have layovers if possible, this will reduce the stress of your animal 

Travel by Car

  • If your pet is not used to car rides, help them adapt by taking them on frequent short rides until your move date
  • Try not the leave your pet in the car alone but if you have to leave the windows slightly cracked, lock the doors, and keep your vehicle within eye sight to insure the pet is not stolen 
  • Do not feed or water your pet a few hours before you leave this way you can get on the road without stopping
  • Remove water and food dishes from small animal cages to avoid spills while on the road

Moving this Summer? Prevent Heat Injury!

Summer fever as begun and it’s the most desirable time to move! Moving is hard work but it’s very important to put your health first especially when moving in the summertime. Heat exhaustion, cramps and stroke are the most common types of heat related illness. It’s important to recognize the signs and symptoms of each while in the hype of moving.

Heat exhaustion: occurs after too much exposure to high temperatures and development of dehydration. Sign and symptoms to look out for include: confusion, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, headache, nausea, pale skin, profuse sweating, and rapid heart beat.


  • Move into air conditioning or a shaded area 
  • Drink water or sport drinks, with added electrolytes such as Gatorade, and a snack that contains salt
  • Apply cool water to you body to help reduce core body temperature.
  • Heat cramps: occur when muscles are fatigued by heavy work in a hot environment. An individual is most at risk is doing tasks they are not used to performing causing heavy perspiration and imbalance of fluids in the body. Muscle spasms are involuntarily, painful, but brief. 


  • Move to a resting place that has air conditioning or at least shaded
  • Drink water or a sports drink with electrolytes such as Gatorade
  • Heat stroke: this is the most serious heat injury that can cause brain damage or death if not treated. Heat stroke is a combination of severe dehydration and prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Signs and symptoms to watch for include: fainting, temperature above 105 degrees fahrenheit, headache, lack of sweating despite the heat, muscle weakness, vomiting and nausea, shallow breathing, disorientation, seizures, and unconsciousness. 


  • If medical attention is needed immediately call 911 or transport the individual to the hospital 
  • Move individual to a cool place with shade
  • Remove any restrictive or unnecessart clothing 
  • Place a cold item such as an ice pack or frozen vegetables on the individuals neck, back, groin, and armpits to cool body  

Prevention of a heat related injury is very important on move day for both you and your moving company.

  1. Make sure you are keeping hydrated with water or sport drinks such as Gatorade throughout the day to keep your fluid and electrolytes in balance. Caffeinated beverages like pop will increase your risk for dehydration
  2. Wear light, loose fitting clothing so that your body stays cool and perspiration will evaporate quickly. Your clothes should also be light in color so the sun is not attracted to you 
  3. Schedule your move either early in the morning or later in the evening so the sun is not directly above you and the moving crew

Organize a Garage Sale!

Feeling cluttered after the winter season? Well we’ve got the answer to your problem, get rid of the clutter and make money too with a garage sale!

Moving Yard SaleFirst thing you may be asking yourself is: “How do I decide what the sell?” One great way to decide is by looking at each item and asking yourself, “Have I worn, used, displayed or even seen this within the last year?” If the answer is No then consider adding it to the Sell pile.

Challenge your family to contribute to the garage sale, this is a easy way for them to make a profit and voluntary clean the house without realizing it. Children will be more willing to give up outgrown toys and clothes if the deal is sweetened with a cut of the profits. This is also a great way for wives to get their husband to clean out their “man cave” that they don’t dare enter!

Consider asking your neighbors to join in on the garage sale, two heads are better than one. Another buddy may be able to make the decision bewteen keep or sell easier and less painstaking. Plus a two or three family yard sale will get twice as much traffic with less hassle.

Be firm on your decisions, once an item is in the garage sale inventory don’t take it out because of seller’s remorse. A easy way to avoid this is by grouping items into boxes that you can’t not easily see through until you display them the day of the sale.

Do your homework! Take the time to read garage sale ads in your local newspaper or take the time to visit a local garage sale so you can note a price range on items similar to yours. There’s no sense in labeling a item if your price is the same or higher then the local hardware store or Target.

Finally, Plan Ahead! Strategically pick a day early in the month, right after a payday
this way potential customers have extra spending money. Know what is going on in your community, you don’t want to plan your garage sale on the same day as a county fair or graduation that could cut down the traffic at your sale!

Creating Curb Appeal

Making a good first impression on potential buyers starts once they step foot out of their car, here are a few quick and easy fixes to your home.

  • Repair walkways: visit your locate hardware store and pick up replacement blocks or quick set cement that is a fast diy project 
  • Plant Hardy Annuals: these are plants that perform their entire life cycle from seed to flower to seed within a single year, another idea is to plant Perennials which are plants that only the top portion dies each winter but regrows the following spring from the same root 
  • Paint your front door and refresh trim: this can be an expensive way to make your home stand out from the rest of the block for potential buyers

Reducing Moving Stress

Moving can be a stressful time but you can avoid it by doing three simple things: plan ahead, plan ahead, and plan
 ahead. This may sound simple but it’s easier said then done so here are some tips for reducing your stress and managing your time! 
1) Learn about your home - Fear of the unknown can put a damper on your new home and new   beginning so take the time to research. Find local attractions near your home like malls, theme parks, theaters, and restaurants that you can look forward to visiting. 
2) Know who’s moving you - Take the time to meet your mover by asking for a on-site estimate so you know who will be handling your belongings. This will reduce your moving anxiety and comfort you because you know who your working with by face.
3) Plan Ahead - Take the time to make a “to-do” list of things you want to get done. For example choosing a room to pack a day or choosing a day your would like to use our packing services to do it for you. 

Moving back home?

With Current economical status the way it is having to sell your home, needing a room mate, or - the unthinkable -  having to move back with your parents are all realistic events that could occur.

If you’ve lived alone but now need to make space for a room mate or significant other, or owned a house and are in the process of downsizing, there will inevitably be a need to reduce your belongings.

This can be a agonizing activity. It can, however, be refreshing.  There’s something exhilarating to the idea of spring cleaning and liberating yourself from the mess.

These unused items are just piling up, high in the garage or that room that no one is allowed to go into.  It could be as simple as having a garage sale or donating items to charity to free yourself of the unneeded clutter while earning some much needed extra cash or graciously giving to others.  Think about advertising on some community boards and free websites like Craigslist.

Or if some items are to valuable to get rid of think about using a Self Storage.  These are safe, convenient, and offer a quick solution to a pressing spacial problem. Plus there a inexpensive way to hold onto the cherished items that have no place in your new home.

Apartment Pre-Moving Cleaning Tips

Not only will the incoming tenants love a clean apartment to move into but on many leases you have to in order to get your deposit back. Before starting check your lease for requirements on rules of your landlord. 
Areas Easily Forgotten to Clean
  • Oven: If you have a self cleaning oven you have an easier task ahead of you, simply set the oven to clean and let the oven do the work. When cleaning cycle is complete, wipe out the film left over, and TADA clean oven! If you don’t have a self cleaning oven there is a little more elbow grease involved. First take out all racks from the oven and place them in the sink full of some warm soapy water and some vinegar. Second spray the inside of your oven with a oven cleaner of your choice and let it sit before scrubbing. After scrubbing both clean place the racks back in the oven, stand back and admire your work. 
  • Refrigerator: Clean out your refrigerator of any food by either eating or discarding it. Don’t forget to unplug and pull it away from the wall then sweep or vacuum behind it. After pull out the drawers, if removable, and wash with warm soapy water. 
  • Shower Drain: Make sure drains are not clogged with hair or toys from kids, this can be a not so fun job especially if you have long hair. One way to unclog the drain is to buy a product such as drain-o from your local grocery store. If you would like a more natural approach gather 1/2 cup baking soda, 1 cup vinegar, and 1 gallon boiling water. Carefully pour all the baking soda down the drain and pour down half of the vinegar.  Immediately after this make sure to cover the hole so the fizz is forced down the drain. Follow this same procedure as you add the second half of the vinegar. Let this sit for about 15 minutes and then pour the entire gallon of boiling water down the drain. 
  • Closets & Baseboards: Once your rooms are empty of personal items and moving boxes make sure to sweep inside of all closets and wipe down base boards with a wet paper towel. 
  • Walls: First remove all of your picture frames, posters, and other decor from walls within your soon-to-be old apartment. After make sure to inspect walls for any holes left from your pictures and check lease for specifics on the conditions your walls must be left in. If needed take the following steps to repair your walls: 1) Purchase a compound mixture from your local hardware store and a putty knife, fill the nail or screw  holes with mixture using the putty knife. It's important to allow for enough time to let this dry fully before proceeding. 2) If the fill is not flush with the wall, use sandpaper to make it level. 3) After all holes are filled, paint to match the existing wall color.