Friday, January 17, 2014

Common Moving Questions

If you are trying to coordinate your first move your probably feeling a little overwhelmed. You may have already known you wanted or needed to move for a job or just because, but that does not mean it has to be a stressful process. Chances are you have a lot of questions to be answer but that it to be expected. Here are a few questions most commonly asked by others that are in the same situation. 

How much will it cost?
Moving costs can vary depending on how large of a home you have, what services are needed and if you have any special considerations. Some special considerations may include having speciality items like pianos or needing more than one stop during your move. In order to figure out how your professional moving company breaks down costs look on their website or give their office a call. By doing this you can also see what services your moving company offers to it’s client. For the most accurate moving quote request an on-site estimate, this way it is individualized to the items you are moving and the moving services you need. 

Is the moving company licensed? 
Moving companies conducting moves in the state of Minnesota must be registered with the Minnesota department of transport. Companies must also comply with any local ordinances and clearly print state registration numbers on all advertising and business forms. The easiest way to check and see if your chosen moving company is licensed and insured is to look for these registration numbers on their website or ask them on the phone. 

What types of payments are accepted and when is payment due?
Moving companies will typically accept many forms of payment including cash, check, debit or credit card. Payment will be due upon delivery of goods unless prior arrangements have been made. After completion of your move the moving crew will go over billing with you, this is a great time to ask any questions you may have. When in doubt the best way to double check the companies accepted payment forms and when payment is due is by calling their office prior to your moving date. 

When is the best time to move? 
If your able to choose, the best time to move is when it is most convenient to you. Most moving companies are in highest demand during the summer, end of the month or near a holiday. You may chose to schedule your move outside these times because of this. Other factors you may look at when choosing your preferred moving date are whether or not the move must be made immediately, transferring children during the school term, and closing dates. If the move can be scheduled for a time when moving companies are not in high demand you are most likely to receive your preferred moving date. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Requesting a Moving Quote

 Moving can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be! Although there are challenges and obstacles  you will have to overcome it’s all about how you approach the situation. One of the easiest ways to lessen your burden is by planning early. You can start requesting moving quotes way in advance but what do you need to know before making the call? Below is a list of facts you should know about your move and possible questions you might think of asking along the way. 

Where are you moving from and to, 
you’ll at least be asked to give a city or zip code. Even if you still don’t have a new home or storage picked out make sure you know what area your moving to. This way you can receive the most accurate quote possible because this information determines if your area is serviced and what your travel fee may be. 

What type(s) of moving services do you need for your move? Keep in mind if you want packing services, just loading or unloading services, and how large of a distance your moving. The way pricing is calculated there can be variations based on these facts. Moving companies may charge by the hour or mile depending on how far you are moving. Rates may also charge based on the services you’ll be receiving. 

What type of home are you moving into and out of? This may determine how long your move takes based on how accessible the building or home is. Keep in mind if your home is defined as a spilt level, single family, duplex, town home or apartment. It will especially be important to know if your apartment has either elevators or stairs accessible for the movers. 

Do you have any special items? Will you be moving any pianos, pool tables, appliances or grandfathers clocks? Sometimes these items require specialized care and equipment when moved so it’s important that your moving company is aware. Also, this is a good time to let your moving company know of any items that may be special to you or that your concerned about. This way special attention can be given to these pieces. 

When receiving your quote ask your company how they charge, is it by the hour? Also, what are they’re rates if they do charge by the hour. Along with a hourly charge see if your company charges a travel fee or fuel surcharge. Finally, make sure to ask if your company is licensed and insured, if your wary make them prove it! You can also go online and check out reviews for the company this way you will have full confidence in your choice of a moving company. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Preventing Common Causes of Moving Stress

Finding a Home

Finding your perfect home regardless if this an apartment or house, across the city or country it can be a stress full process. It’s important to recognize your stress early so your less likely to settle for a home that you don’t truly love. Plan in advance so you don’t have to make a rushed decision, start looking at new homes as soon as you know you want or need to move. Do some walk throughs and figure out what your must haves and have nots are.  This narrows down your search to homes that fit your criteria. If you still can’t find a new home your in love with there’s always plan b - moving into storage or temporary housing until you find that home. '

Choosing a Mover

This is a huge decision when moving but it’s key you feel confident in your choice so start getting referrals and doing research early. First start out by finding reputable companies that are licensed, insured and have a great record. Once you’ve picked out your top companies the best way to compare them is by getting an on-site estimate. This allows you to compare apples to apples when looking at moving costs, packing services, and just the company in general. You can take advantage of this meeting and talk with companies about promotions they may be running like use of boxes for free with your move. 

Packing & Unpacking 

If packing yourself, the earlier you start packing the less likely you are to feel stressed. This also makes the task of packing your entire home less daunting when it’s done in hour sessions each night or on the weekends rather than a panic the night before your move. You can also use this extra time to get rid of things you don’t need and possibly make some extra cash with a garage sale if wanted. When unpacking keep in mind you don’t need to stress yourself and get it done the same day. Start with the rooms you use most like the kitchen, your bedroom and bathroom. Setting up your new home should be a fun event not a stressful one!

 The Little Things Add Up 

When moving there are some things you don’t think of at first when starting to plan your move like changing your address or transferring utilities and doctors. Making a check list of these little things can help keep you organized when it comes to move day. You can also plan ahead and get one thing checked off your list every weekend that way there’s not additional stress after your move. 

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful, make sure to keep this in mind! One of the keys to a successful move is planning ahead so make a plan that works with your schedule and keep to it. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed take some self-health time and do something you enjoy like a hot bath, exercising or watching a movie. It’s better to take an hour for yourself so your move goes smoothly. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Quick Moving Tips!

Within the state of Minnesota we are not legally allowed to move the following: 
    Combustible products
  •   Flammable products
  •   Plants or soil
  •   Pets
  •   Aerosols
  •   Any Illegal products

   Moving Suggestions:
  • The earlier the better: you want to be organized before the arrival of your moving crew
  • Stay in contact: make sure you have a way to stay in contact, for example cell phone numbers, with your moving crew in case a problem should arise or you get separated
  • Lighten your load: donate or sell your unwanted items ultimately saving you packing and loading time
  • Change of address: inform your post office to have mail forwarded
  • Separate personal belongings: gather all your irreplaceable items such as jewelry, cash, family photos, birth certificate, credit cards, legal documents, ect. that should be kept extra secure
  • Once you know where your new home is located it’s never to early to find shopping malls, post office, school, police department, and restaurants
  • Moving can be a stress time, make sure to leave some personal relation time so you can recharge
  • Make a final walk through with your moving team to make sure that nothing is left behind

   Packing Suggestions:
  • Over packing moving boxes can increase damage to your personal belongings, remember the heavier the item the smaller the box
  • To insure complete organization make sure to label both the top and sides of all moving boxes
  • Seal moving boxes with packing tape, interlocking box tops can lead to damaged goods
  • Create a “Open First” box of items you will need immediately at your new home
  • Use safe packing techniques such as packing over a soft surface to minimize the chance of breakage to your possessions
  • Due to the ink on newsprint, lamp shades and china should be packed in packing paper without ink to insure that these items will not be stained
  • Delicate items should be packaged with extra cushion and clearly labeled “FRAGILE” so they will not be damaged in your moving process

Friday, October 25, 2013

Supplies You Can Not Move Without!

It doesn’t matter whether your moving into a another home or storage you still have to pack your belongings so they are not damaged. If you look in advance you may be able to find some deals of the supplies you’ll need before getting started! 

What you’ll need: 

Boxes: Yes, I know this sounds like a no brainer but when your in a rush it might seem appealing to throwing everything into a bag of some sort. The risk you’ll be taking is possibly breaking all your prized possessions, I highly doubt this is your goal. The saying goes you get what you pay for so you may want to send the extra time finding or spend a few extra dollars getting quality moving boxes if your packing yourself. It’s important that you also get a wide variety of box sizes, remember the golden rule: the heavier the item the smaller the box. It’s also important to pack the entire box whether it’s with items (make sure the box is still safe to lift) or packing paper/peanuts. If there is open space the box has a risk of crumbling under pressure from stacking other boxes on top of it, you want the weight to be distributed evenly. 

Packing Paper, peanuts or bubble wrap: These materials are important as I said before to keep the integrity of the box intact under pressure. It’s also important for keeping your possessions safe during storage or transport. It provides cushion to your belongings and decreases the risk of them sliding around in the box. This decreases your likelihood of scraps, scratches and scuffs during your moving process. When in doubt make sure to over protect especially if your packing on your own instead of using your moving company packing services. If the belongings you’ve packed get damaged during the move your moving company is not responsible for the damages so don’t slack in your packing protection! 

Tape: You can never have enough tape when packing, I’d suggest buying more than you need because the worst case scenario is you need to return the extra! This way you won’t have to stop in the middle of packing to run back to the store for more! It’s important that boxes are taped not simply folded. This runs the risk again of having the box flaps fail and your items break from taking a fall to the ground. I’d recommend getting a tape with a 2 inch width or greater this way you know the tops are secure.  

If your going into storage you’ll want to this about getting shelves and a storage lock. Many facilities do not provide these for you or charge extra for their use. The advantage of having shelves within your storage unit is having an organized unit and less stress on your boxes from being stacked high. You can even label the boxes on the shelves this way if you need to remove an item later it’s a breeze. When buying a storage lock I’d recommend not skimping. Stainless steel disc locks may be a couple dollars more but they hold up against weather and thieves. If your using your moving company's storage services make sure to ask how they protect your belongings! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Moving Your Business with Ease!

Moving your own home is one thing, moving your business is a whole other. There is a lot more logistics and planning that goes into moving your business especially when you’ve already established yourself. Although it’s a lot of work just think of all the benefits your receive from moving into better access to clients, bigger work spaces, or the money you will save.


Plan ahead, once you’ve set the moving date in stone start getting your moving quotes early. This way you can receive at least three quotes from professional moving companies and guarantee you’ll get your preferred moving date. Moving efficiently with professional commercial movers will ensure little disruption to your business. 

Now if you’d like to cut down moving costs you can move somethings yourself like boxes, files, computers, and miscellaneous desk items but it’s to your advantage to hire professional movers for your office equipment. Attempting to move something so heavy on your own is not only difficult, but it's also asking for injury. Hiring movers will also reduce the amount of down time for your company, you could close on Friday and be fully functioning on Monday instead of dragging the moving process out. By passing off the heavy lifting you’ll be able to focus on your grand reopening! 

Instead of seeing moving as a load of stress take advantage of the attention it will bring to your business. Bring attention to the fact that your moving, maybe even plan an event  that will give customers an opportunity to get involved in your business. This will create a big buzz in the community which will ultimately build more business in the future. Some ideas to get you started could be marketing in local newspapers, bringing the local radio station to your event or running a coupon in the weekly ads. The right marketing techniques will depend on the type of business you own, keep in mind what will work best for you! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer Moving - Are there Advantages?

The moving season is at it’s peak during the summer and fall months. That’s why planning ahead is the best way to make your move a success. Reserve your movers and trucks as far in advance as possible this way you can pick your preferred moving date. As your planning be aware of when your moving date is, does it fall at the end or beginning of the month? Is there any holidays around your moving date? These are easy aspects to over look so keep it in mind when choosing your moving date. 

First thing to start with is setting up all your on-site estimates. Make sure to be consistent throughout each estimate: ask the same questions and show the representatives the same items this way you can compare apples to apples when making your final choice. The best way to do this is by blocking out one day of your weekend or a couple nights during a single week to get them all done. This way each representative is fresh in your mind to make the best choice for your move. 

Once you’ve picked your company and scheduled your moving date it’s time to start packing. If you’ve decided to pack yourself it’s easiest to pack at night, especially if you’ve decided to move the little items yourself. If you do this you can avoid the blistering hot sun that is out in the summer. If you can not pack during the cooler nighttime temperatures make sure to take frequent breaks. Also, during your breaks make sure to drink water to avoid heat stroke. 

It’s a good idea to get all your utilities switch over to your new home but make sure you don’t do it too early. If you packing or even moving yourself you’ll want to keep your air conditioning on as long as possible during moving day. Moving is strenuous activity and like before over heating is a concern. Keeping the air conditioning on could overall save you money and time because your movers will be able to keep a steady pace and avoid heat exhaustion. 

Although you’ve picked a summer/fall moving date it’s always good to check the weather a few days in advance, it can be unpredictable. This way you can plan ahead and warn your moving company for any rain or even possibility snow. They may have special equipment or an alternative plan so your possessions are not damaged from the unpredictable weather.